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Responsibility for removal of snow, ice and sleet

Simply put...

  • Clear sidewalks and curb ramps within 36-hours after the snow, sleet or ice has stopped

  • Clear at least a 36-inch-wide path

  • If the snow, sleet or ice has frozen solid, use sand and/or similar material to make the sidewalk and curb ramps safe to walk on

  • Do not shovel or push snow into the street - the City may fine you

The following details the Town of Putnam codes for general legislation regarding the responsibility for removal of snow, ice and sleet [273-17].


A. The owner of any building or land bordering on any street within the Town of Putnam where there is a sidewalk, graded, paved or planked, shall remove or cause to be removed therefrom any and all snow, sleet or ice to a width of at least 36 inches within 36 hours after the same shall have fallen, been deposited, found or formed.

B. In case the snow, sleet or ice on such sidewalk shall be frozen so hard that it cannot be removed, such owner of the building or lot of land, as aforesaid, shall cause such sidewalk to be made safe and convenient or passable by covering any and all such snow, sleet or ice with sand or other suitable synthetic materials within the time limit specified above, and shall as soon thereafter as the weather shall permit thoroughly clean such sidewalk.

C. Penalties for offenses.


(1) The owner of any building or lot of land whose duty it is to clear the sidewalk adjacent thereto who shall violate any of the provisions of Subsections A and B, or refuse or neglect to comply with the same, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined the sum of $25 for each offense, and each and every day thereafter shall be deemed a separate offense.

(2) Whenever a corporation violates the provisions of Subsections A and B, the officers and directors of such corporation shall be personally liable to pay any fine incurred by such corporation.

D. The owner of any building standing upon or so near the line of a street that snowslides or ice from the roof may endanger public travel shall, within a reasonable time after the termination or abatement of a snowstorm, but in any case within 36 hours, cause the snow to be removed from the roof thereon in such manner as will not endanger travelers.

E. No owner, occupant, lessee, or other person in charge of any building or land abutting any street or highway within the Town of Putnam shall deposit or cause to be deposited any snow, sleet or ice which falls upon such building or land in any portion of the traveled right-of-way of the street, highway or sidewalk. Every person or corporation violating any of the provisions of this subsection shall be fined not more than $50.

F. The appropriate law enforcement agency shall enforce the provisions of this article.

G. The Mayor or his designee may, but shall not be required to, cause the removal of snow, ice, sleet and debris from any sidewalk wherein it has remained for 36 hours after the conclusion of any storm. The cost of such removal shall be liened against the property owner pursuant to the provisions of Section 7-148 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

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